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Destination Vinitaly. Begin from here. Who I’m.


My name is Alessandro Job and I am 29 years old. I love dreaming and talking about life and my emotions through the wine.

This is what I am in simple words, without any frills.
Why just wine?

Because certain things are difficult to explain in words, so I need to find a passepartout.

he emotion that this liquid gives me and that I try to convey to others with every single bottle, is something deep, unique and personal, not at all commercial or controlled by the rules of the business market , but which is strictly linked to the Earth.

I want to try to change the language of wine and its emotions. I want to make it a true means of communication between people.

This is the reason why four years ago, after a long tradition carried out by my grandfather since 1985, I decided to change my way of thinking. Stop with large quantities. Let’s try to make people passionate and fall in love with wine and with its potential. Let’s try to make people spontaneous, without cultural barriers, at least just for a moment.

I may seem as a dreamer but my young age allows me to be so and challenges help me grow and understand what I have to improve to reach my goal.

Only a poem can make you understand the Soul of Wine:

The Soul of wine

One night, the soul of wine was singing in the flask:
“O man, dear disinherited! to you I sing
This song full of light and of brotherhood
From my prison of glass with its scarlet wax seals.

I know the cost in pain, in sweat,
And in burning sunlight on the blazing hillside,
Of creating my life, of giving me a soul:
I shall not be ungrateful or malevolent,

For I feel a boundless joy when I flow
Down the throat of a man worn out by his labor;
His warm breast is a pleasant tomb
Where I’m much happier than in my cold cellar.

Do you hear the choruses resounding on Sunday
And the hopes that warble in my fluttering breast?
With sleeves rolled up, elbows on the table,
You will glorify me and be content;

I shall light up the eyes of your enraptured wife,
And give back to your son his strength and his color;
I shall be for that frail athlete of life
The oil that hardens a wrestler’s muscles.

Vegetal ambrosia, precious grain scattered
By the eternal Sower, I shall descend in you
So that from our love there will be born poetry,
Which will spring up toward God like a rare flower!”

(Charles Baudelaire)

Now after four years, I was able to refine my organic wines attracting the attention of journalists and wine enthusiasts but especially Carlo Vischi who believes in my project. The road had it’s uphill, but to have people support you and make word of mouth of my wine it’s so great



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