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The Zugliano wine growing and wine producing organic company from Udine is the only one to have been chosen to represent Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Bio & Dynamic section of the prestigious Festival dedicated to international excellence.

Zugliano (Udine)  – Villa Job from Zugliano in Udine, is the only wine growing and wine producing company that has been called to represent Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Bio&Dynamic section of the Merano Wine Festival of Bolzano (9th November). The official announcement of the appointment confirms the fact that the Winery, headed by young Alessandro Job, is a regional and national leader in  natural wine production.

“When I began making wine, I was 26 years old,” young Job declared, “and today, after four years of toil and continuous research, we have been chosen by the Merano jury. We are very happy. The emotion that wine transmits me and that I try to transmit to each single bottle is something very intimate, unique, personal, not at all business-like or tied to market regulations, but powerfully tied to the Land. I have started this adventure because I want to try to change the language of wine and its emotions. I want to render it more accessible. A real means of communication among people.”

During the tenth edition of the prestigious Merano Wine Festival, Villa Job, the sole representative from Friuli, will be present in the Bio&Dynamic section which includes 58 companies.  It will be showcasing an exceptional selection of its first rate wines from its cellars: Risic Blanc, Sauvignon, e Chenti (all wines rated in the higher levels 88 – 90 points).

With its 6.5 hectares and its average production of 5,000 bottles of wine per year. Villa Job represents an excellence in the framework of cellars that follow natural and /or biodynamic wine growing. The mention at the 2012 Merano Wine Festival  is a decisive step forward in the wine growing and wine producing adventure of a small company from Friuli, that has chosen to cultivate vines and produce wine “according to nature” adopting sustainable production techniques.

Manuela Morana

Wine press office



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